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Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to all the lovely readers that entered my first giveaway and listed their favourite blogs. I enjoy discovering new blogs, so now I can add some of your favourites to my list. OK so now to the winner….

Congrats to Sara a copy of Mollie Makes is coming your way!  I’ll drop you an e-mail shortly. Sara will also receive an extra little pressie…..

One of my apple jackets with a twist! Instead of a button jacket, I’ve threaded the chain around the top of the jacket and added a little cute bow!

Thanks to everyone for playing. Back soon, off to start my new quilt project…pics in the next post!


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Coming Up Roses…Finished!!

The challenge has been completed!! I’m so happy with how this quilt has turned out. It seemed like an eternity to finish but I learnt alot (particularly about aligning stripes!) 

There are over 1,000 tiny squares, but don’t let that deter you, this quilt is fun and eats up all your tiny favourite fabric scraps.

My auntie gave me a quilt as a gift for my wedding many years ago. That gift inspired me to take up quilting and one day make my own. I’ve made quilts for my kids and family, but now I finally have my very own for my KING size bed. Yay!!

Pattern by Sarah Fielke from the book 'material obsession two'

It was too big to hang on the clothes line, so off to the balcony.
Pattern by Sarah Fielke from the book ‘material obsession two’

One more shot…just because!


So what’s the next project…will show you next time. It’s only a Queen size one…phew!!

Thanks to Sarah and Cara for organising such a great challenge. To see some of the beautiful quilts in this challenge, take a look over here.

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Loving the geese but not the ducks!

These flying geese are addictive…particularly with the help of this nifty tutorial.  I’m in the middle of doing Down the Rabbit Hole…91 down, another 20 flying geese to go!

Can’t say I’m loving our ducks at the moment. For months there have been no eggs (or maybe I can’t find them!). I keep hoping I’ll find a pile of eggs somewhere in my garden. I definitely notice a difference when I use duck eggs rather than chicken ones in my cakes. The cakes rise so much higher. Have you seen duck eggs at Farmers/Growers markets? If you haven’t tried them for baking cakes, I highly recommend it. You’ll see and taste the difference.

Fingers crossed we have eggs soon!

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