My First Giveaway

I had the perfect long weekend…filled with lots of quilting and some crochet. We spent the (very wet) weekend at the family farm. Whilst the kids rolled around in the mud, I snuggled up in front of the fireplace and made these cute little jackets for my apples. It was COLD, but we managed to venture outside for some pics.

There’s a handy step by step guide to learn how to crochet here. 

The pattern is from the new UK craft magazine Mollie Makes. This mag is gorgeous! I can’t put it down…and one lucky reader won’t be able to either. Yep, I’m giving away a new copy of Issue #1. Just leave a comment and tell me one of your favourite blogs. I’ll post anywhere, and will draw a winner at 10am Monday 20 June.

Edited – Giveaway has now finished!


The challenge has been completed!! I’m so happy with how this quilt has turned out. It seemed like an eternity to finish but I learnt alot (particularly about aligning stripes!) 

There are over 1,000 tiny squares, but don’t let that deter you, this quilt is fun and eats up all your tiny favourite fabric scraps.

My auntie gave me a quilt as a gift for my wedding many years ago. That gift inspired me to take up quilting and one day make my own. I’ve made quilts for my kids and family, but now I finally have my very own for my KING size bed. Yay!!

Pattern by Sarah Fielke from the book 'material obsession two'

It was too big to hang on the clothes line, so off to the balcony.
Pattern by Sarah Fielke from the book ‘material obsession two’

One more shot…just because!


So what’s the next project…will show you next time. It’s only a Queen size one…phew!!

Thanks to Sarah and Cara for organising such a great challenge. To see some of the beautiful quilts in this challenge, take a look over here.

Coming Up Roses…WIP

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front, but my sewing machine has been going full steam ahead! Only 4 more days to finish the BIG challenge!  Below is just a tiny snapshot…

Quilt design from: Material Obsession 2

This quilt is King size and huge! As I lay the blocks on the lounge room floor I have to keep moving the furniture (and mess!) to make some space. 20 more blocks to go, and of course I’ve left the tricky ones til last. I love the striped effect of this block but I do cross my fingers each time that the stripes match up!

Better get back to it…

Decided to join in the fun with the Naked Bed Challenge!  What to make? Easy choice, this gorgeous quilt designed by Sarah in ‘material obsession two’.

I can’t wait to pick all my scraps and start cutting….but need to finish my Down the Rabbit Hole quilt first.

It’s not to late to join the challenge, sign up for some fun here!

Eggs for Easter!

OK, so I take back what I said in my last post. I DO love my ducks! I was cooking dinner on the BBQ yesterday and looked down into the rock garden and noticed an EGG! Yay! We’ve got eggs again! And I found another one this morning. Not sure if I’ll bake with these or maybe do something crafty with the kids for Easter.

Looks what’s on top of Noddy’s head! I loved collecting Noddy books as a child, so when I saw this egg cup a few years back…I couldn’t resist.

See the difference of the duck vs the chicken egg…it’s so much bigger and the colour is beautiful!

Off to feed the ducks a ‘special treat’!

These flying geese are addictive…particularly with the help of this nifty tutorial.  I’m in the middle of doing Down the Rabbit Hole…91 down, another 20 flying geese to go!

Can’t say I’m loving our ducks at the moment. For months there have been no eggs (or maybe I can’t find them!). I keep hoping I’ll find a pile of eggs somewhere in my garden. I definitely notice a difference when I use duck eggs rather than chicken ones in my cakes. The cakes rise so much higher. Have you seen duck eggs at Farmers/Growers markets? If you haven’t tried them for baking cakes, I highly recommend it. You’ll see and taste the difference.

Fingers crossed we have eggs soon!

Sew It Together

I always had intentions of starting a blog…just needed a push in the right direction! With Sheridan organising Sew It Together 2011 in Sydney, I knew I just had to go, but all participants were required to have a blog. So thanks Sheridan for getting my wheels in motion!

The Crafting session last Saturday was filled with loads of fun and inspiration. There were 52 women all sewing, chatting and eating (of course!). I was late to sign up for the Name tag swap, so Megan was kind enough to arrange a last minute swap with Dolores. Here’s the badge I made. I love binding quilts, but making a teeny tiny one was a challenge!

And here’s the cute one I got in return! (Can you guess the colour theme for this year?).

I also signed up for the great sample swap organised by the ‘Queen of Swaps’ Cass. I whipped up these fold up linen tote bags from the book ‘I love  patchwork’).

Look at the lovely gifts I got in return. A beautiful zippered bag from Marina at Wink Designs.

A clever tea bag wallet from Sheridan.

The cutest mushroom pin cushion from Sarah at Gifts Created.

A mini heat pack from Cass and a pretty necklace from Kylie.

Belinda and I also managed to squeeze in a beginner’s crochet lesson from Cath ..how cute is this?

Thanks to the huge list of sponsors who kindly donated the best prizes and let me walk home with a huge supply of free goodies!

Finally a big thanks to Sheridan (and Donna) for the countless hours spent organising an awesome day and (dinner). Can’t believe I have to wait a whole year for SIT Canberra!